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Assassin's Creed: Nothing is true, everything is permitted

Author:Borja Ruete


A look at the real origin of the assassins and Templars

When the Old Man of the Mountain rode with his retinue, the powerful were silent. Kings and Emperors succumbed to the wrath of the Order of the AssassinsThis was a religious creed that instilled terror among the wealthier classes and whose legends spread throughout the centuries. The crimes were often perpetrated by trusted people who had been captured by the sect, so insecurity set in in the already treacherous courts. How could one get rid of the killers if their face could match that of a loved one? How could one trust if anyone could wield the blade? "Nothing is true, everything is allowed".

Far from being a mere review of the saga Assassin's CreedThis special explores the real origin of assassins and Templars, analyzes various eras and delves into some key aspects of the Ubisoft series.

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